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So far, the Panguana research station includes three guest houses for a total of about 15 people, a laboratory, and the ’round hut’ for eating and socializing. There is a well equipped with a pump providing water for drinking and several shower units, and a photovoltaic system generating power. A recently installed satellite dish allows internet and e-mail communication.

0 Guesthouses
0 Laboratory
0+ Round hut
0 Photovoltaic system
0 Satellite dish

For night-time insect sampling, an illuminable collecting sheet can be installed behind the station buildings.
A portable generator allows light catches in the forest. The laboratory presently offers basic equipment, including a stereoscope, as well as some literature to help identify local fauna and flora.

The owner of the neighboring farm serves as Panguana’s caretaker, guards and looks after the place. He and his family cordially shepherd the numerous guests; his wife does the cooking and laundry, and tends to the visitors’ rooms.

The heart of Panguana: Nery Panduro Ramírez, the wife of Panguana’s caretaker (at right: making cheese)

Basic foods, beverages and household items for the research station are bought in the nearest larger town.
Bananas, manioc, fruits and vegetables as well as eggs, milk and sometimes meat come from the caretaker’s neighboring farm as often as feasible, or from the surrounding village communities.

Moro, Panguana’s caretaker, and his daughter check on the herd of cattle

Manioc (locally called yuca) and bananas grown for Panguana on the caretaker’s land

Panchito, Panguana’s latest pet. The young Tapir never fails to entertain, and keeps everyone in suspense with his capers.