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How can I contribute?

There are many different ways to get involved with Panguana.

Please help to preserve into the future this hotspot of biodiversity, a model for conservation and a treasure for biological research in Peru, to enhance it and further improve its infrastructure. The primary forest at Panguana, which the Peruvian government has recognized as an official Conservation Area, needs active support so that it may continue to contribute its share to the survival of the Amazonian rainforest as a habitat of critical importance to our global climate

Account owner: Panguana Stiftung
IBAN: DE79 7015 0000 1005 4606 86
Account: Stadtsparkasse München

Thank you very much for your valuable contribution! Please do submit your address, so that the Foundation can send you a donation receipt.

Video by Konrad Wothe (taken with a quadcopter):

The following video sequence, taken on the margin of a natural forest clearing

gives you a vivid glimpse of the beauty of Panguana’s green cosmos.


Almost gone: Panorama around a forest pond in the dry season Photograph: Konrad Wothe

Impressions of palm trees in the forest — left: sun-drenched young fronds, right: stilt roots of a Cashapona tree (Iriartea sp.)

You are welcome to read excerpts from the Panguana Foundation statutes, e.g. for further details on its aims and goals. Please also have a look at this website’s section on sponsoring new scientific names, another option for you to participate constructively in the Panguana project.

Naturally, expanding Panguana’s protected area is a goal of top priority for which large shares of the donations shall be invested. The station itself, however, is to be extended as well, to enhance its research capacity and offer more facilities for visitors.

There are many and varied possibilities to support and improve conservation work at Panguana, as well as cooperation with neighboring communities. Here are some examples:

  • Hiring a ranger to patrol the area and its perimeter paths, some of which lead quite far from the station, and hiring other staff to maintain the network of many narrow observation paths that crisscross the forest
  • Renovating and expanding the laboratory, and purchasing scientific equipment (microscopes, etc.)
  • Enlarging the solar power system (e.g., to run an additional unit for cold storage of scientific samples)
  • Construction of a treetop platform and a mobile observation tower for studies on aerial parts of the forest that are very important but difficult to access
  • Hiring people to help reforest abandoned fields or small pastures on added parcels of land
  • Hiring personnel to help the caretaker family maintain and guard the Panguana station and Conservation Area
  • Establishing a library for scientific visitors
  • More intensive support for nearby indigenous communities, especially for their schools

To protect this forest, each and every donation is important and valuable …

Photographs: Konrad Wothe

… to keep it from suffering a fate as shown below!