At the “Augusto Durand” school in Yuyapichis

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The school named Institución Educativa (I.E.) No. 64330 “Augusto Durand” in Yuyapichis is a mixed school that offers education up to school year 11 (in Peru: 5. de Secundaria) and has about 200 students. Some of its teachers show great interest in rainforest conservation and research; therefore, groups of students from Yuyapichis regularly undertake class excursions to Panguana when scientists are present there, to gain on-site experience and stimulating ideas. Accompanied by Moro, the caretaker, they go on guided tours in the forest and are introduced to current research on the station. They always respond very favorably to these excursions. Since 2013 the Augusto Durand school has also taken part every year in projects conducted at Panguana by the Waldorf school of Lima.