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The school named Institución Educativa (I.E.) No. 33040 in the Asháninka village of Pampas Verde, a division of the “Comunidades Nativas Asháninka Nuevos Unidos Tahuantinsuyo” in the neighborhood of Panguana, is a State-run mixed school with a single classroom that offers education up to school year 6 (in Peru: “5. de Primaria”). Here, 20 to 30 students from surrounding areas gather for classes before noon. Since 2015 there also is a kindergarten (“Inicial”) for preschoolers.

With the help of the Hofpfisterei company, Panguana has been supporting the Pampas Verde school for many years with donations of school materials and sports gear, and has gladly met requests from the teachers or parents’ association concerning improvements to the infrastructure for students and faculty. Panguana is also contributing to expansions and modernization of general facilities for the local community, and is helping to provide food and beverages for school festivities and other social events.

Pampas Verde is located about an hour’s walk upstream from Panguana, and is visited by Juliane Diller twice a year. On these occasions she is often treated to a welcome song by the children: