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Panguana has scientific cooperation contracts with:

Since December of 2016: Cooperation agreement between several Peruvian institutions concerning shared administration of scientific work on the , a high-altitude research project so far coordinated and managed by the German Society for International Collaboration (GIZ).

The main task of the TAY is the surveying and monitoring of biodiversity and climate change in and around the Sira Mountains on the basis of 5 selected target categories (vegetation, birds, amphibians, tree trunk growth, and climate). Panguana, which is located at 230 m above sea level, serves as the basal station in the transect, which extends across five altitude levels up to 2,200 m in the peak region of the mountain chain. At the end of 2015, preliminary results of research along the transect were published and presented at the COP20 UN climate conference in Lima (including a contribution on Panguana).

The TAY is part of the “Co-Gestión Amazonía Perú”(Co-GAP; Collaborative Management Amazonia Peru) project, which cooperates with local indigenous communities towards better protection of the biodiversity and sustainable use of its resources.

The following institutions are Panguana’s partners in the cooperation agreement on shared scientific management of the TAY:

Additional scientific cooperation partners of Panguana