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Main sponsor

In 2008, the Ludwig Stocker Hofpfisterei company in Munich, kindly entered the innovative and far-sighted commitment to support the Panguana project generously and in the long term. Among other benefits, this has made it possible to increase the protected area from initially 186 hectares (less than 3/4 of a square mile) to nearly 1.000 hectares (just under 4 sq. miles), to modernize the research station, and to turn Panguana into a pilot project of conservation and an internationally recognized research center in the Amazonian rainforest.

Besides conservation, support for social causes is another important part of the Hofpfisterei’s philosophy, so that indigenous communities around Panguana also benefit from the company’s commitment.

Therefore, thanks to this sponsor Panguana has been able to develop into a unique combination of conservation, research and social aspects.


The Hofpfisterei has issued a small softcover on Panguana, with text and illustrations by Juliane Diller, the second edition of which appeared in 2013 and is available for free in the Hofpfisterei stores. Many readers have enjoyed this appealing brochure so much that they decided to support the project as well.

1st issue

2nd issue

The following examples illustrate the great support from Panguana’s main sponsor:

The following excerpt from the introduction to the Panguana brochure (reproduced here courtesy of the Hofpfisterei GmbH, Munich) clearly demonstrates the company’s great support for the rainforest project:

Forests are the basis of life on our planet. They regulate the climate and moderate weather extremes of heat, frost, drought or storms. Especially tropical rainforests with their high biomass contents can store enormous amounts of climate-damaging carbon dioxide (CO2) – unless the latter is freed and released into the atmosphere by slashing and burning or logging.

The Hofpfisterei supports Panguana by sponsoring the purchase of additional land threatened by slashing and burning, to create and protect a larger continuous area for conservation. With this sustainable pilot project, the Hofpfisterei aims to contribute to preservation of the global climate, and at the same time to advance studies on the rainforest, the most diverse and complex ecosystem in the world. Panguana could set an example for the conservation and long-term protection of the rainforest and its inhabitants. The Hofpfisterei’s supporting activities are intended to combine ecological, scientific and social work for a long time.

Siegfried, Margaretha and Nicole Stocker

Margaretha and Siegfried Stocker (left-side photograph) and their daughter, Nicole Stocker (at left in right-side photo with the Consul General of Peru in Munich, Miguel Guzmán, and his wife), at the gala celebrating the recognition of Panguana as a Conservation Area on 2 July 2012
Photographs: Marianne Müller

The station becoming a small village: Guest houses and the ’round hut’ (in the right foreground), which serves as a dining hall, lounge and assembly room but has also accommodated a GIZ workshop and several meetings with representatives of the nearby communities.

The laboratory with several work stations added on to the old guest house (left image), and the solar-powered well with top-level reservoir providing water for the household and showers (right image). Both installations could be made with funding from the Hofpfisterei, and have significantly improved life at the Panguana research station